FAQ-Spencer's Pashmina (2001)


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Given below are the answers to frequently asked questions. If there is anything else you would like to ask, please contact us

Question: What is Pashmina?

Answer: Please have a look at the link "What is pashmina?." to about the origin and other details.

Question: Why should I buy from Spencer's Pashmina?

Answer: We have been selling since 2001. We are among the pioneers in the field of selling pashmina online. Reviews received from our worthy customers via emails since 2001 and now the online reviews on Trustpilot bear testimony to the quality of our products and the customer service.

Question: How do I place my order?


  1. Select the color from the color menu.
  2. Opt for with or without tassels, where applicable.
  3. Add to Cart and Checkout.

If none of the listed colors is to your liking, select either of the following from the Color Menu:

  • Match My Picture. Add to cart and check out. Send us the URL or the picture via email.                                                                                                                        Or
  • Color Swatch. Add to cart and check out. We will send you the instructions for sending us the color swatch by post. Shipping time will increase by ten to fifteen days. It is the most accurate way of color matching.

Question: Do you offer any discounts?

Answer: Yes. We do offer discounts on purchase of more than one pashmina and some others.

Question: How do you ensure the privacy of information? 

Answer: We follow the privacy policy of (our web host) as applicable to us and our customers. It fully takes into account the privacy as per international standards. 

Question: Do you ship to my country?

Answer: We ship our pashminas the world over including your country. 

Question: What are the shipping charges to my country? 

Answer: Standard shipping the world over with delivery within fourteen days is free for all orders over US $ 49.00. We have express shipping arrangement for all major cities in the world. Have a look at our shipping rates.

Question: How do you choose the color? 

  • Click on the zoomed in image in the box on the left of the product page and view the slide show. 
  • Click on the color of your choice and you will get back to the product page.
  • Select the chosen color on the drop down menu titled as Color and Add to Cart.


  • Click on either of the arrows on the right side of the drop down menu titled as Color and select the color of your choice. Zoomed in picture of the chosen color will appear on the left. 
  • You can repeat the same to have zoomed in view of the other colors.
  • Select the shortlisted color and add Ad to Cart.

Question: How do you exercise the custom dye option?

Answer: If you don't find the color of your choice in the drop down menu, select the Match My Picture or Color Sample/Swatch, place your order and send us the image of the color via email. If want to match the color of your pashmina with color sample/swatch, on receipt of your order we will send you the postal address to enable you to send us the color sample/swatch. Please note that in this case, the delivery of your order will be delayed by ten to fifteen days.

Question: Is their any variation in the color shade between the selected color and the actual pashmina? 

Answer: We use highly advanced system of Eco-friendly dyeing and color matching. The laser printouts of the color chart are obtained and the dyeing is undertaken on the same lines. Thus, the color matching is close to perfect except for the difference of observation on different screens and because of the glare and reflection of light on the screen. Also, the color shades, particularly of ring pashminas, look strong once packed in multiple layers as compared to once spread out for use in single layer. If you want the color matching to be more precise, please send us the color sample / swatch and we will have the pashminas dyed matching the swatch(es).

Question: What are the customization options?

Answer: We offer a number of customization options which include custom dye, with or without tassels, embroidery of name and gift wrap/greeting message.

Question: In which currency do you receive the payments? 

Answer: Although all prices are listed in US Dollars, we accept payments in all major currencies of the world including Euro, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Swiss Franc, Danish Krone, Pound Sterling, Hong Kong Dollar, Indian Rupee, Japanese Yen, Norwegian Krone, New Zealand Dollar, Swedish Krona and South African Rand etc. While paying through your credit card or PayPal account, the prices in US Dollars will be converted into the currency in use by you and the payment transaction will be duly completed.

Question: What is your shipping policy? 

We offer free worldwide shipping. All orders are shipped within 36 hours of their receipt. The standard delivery time is fourteen days for which nothing extra is charged. Express delivery time is five days for which shipping charges will be US $ 5.00 per pound of weight. The facility of Express Delivery is available only for USA, Canada and Europe, that too, to the addresses in major cities and towns. If the pashminas are to be shipped to different shipping addresses, the discount will be applicable when 3 or more pashminas are to be shipped to one shipping address. In this case, you don't have to enter any coupon code as we will process the discount on receipt of the order. Similarly, If you place order for more than one pashmina, you must opt for one type of delivery for all i.e. within five days or fourteen days. If you opt for two types of delivery in one order, we will contact you to either pay US $ 5.00 per pound of weight for all the pashminas to be delivered in five days. Alternatively, we will ship the order for delivery within fourteen days and refund the money charged for express delivery within five days.

Question: What is your Return/Exchange Policy?

Answer: We have a friendly Return/Exchange Policy (link at bottom left of the page) following which we offer 100% refund and the exchange is free. 

Question: What is the policy regarding cancellation of orders?

Answer: If you cancel the order prior to shipment, 100% refund will be given. If you cancel the order after it has been shipped, please accept its delivery and return the order as per return instructions and we will give you 100% refund. However, if you refuse to accept the delivery, no refund will be given.

Question: Do you sell wholesale?

Answer: Spencer's Pashmina also deals in the wholesale pashmina market.  Get in touch with us about your requirements in terms of variety, size and quantity. We will send you a quote. 

Question: What are the care instructions to keep pashmina in good shape?

Answer: Your Pashmina can last a lifetime with proper care. Pashmina should neither be machine washed nor hand washed. It should be dry cleaned. Do not wring or twist your Pashmina. To iron your pashmina, place a piece of cloth between iron and your pashmina. For stubborn stains, it is recommended to first remove the stains with some high quality stain remover before dry cleaning.

Question: How can you tell if a pashmina is real? 

Answer: Avoid fake Pashminas! To know if a pashmina is real or fake, it can be found on the web. A summary of these as found valid by us is given on the page, "Real Pashmina"  link at the bottom left of the page.