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Complete your dress with Spencer’s Pashmina.

 What is pashmina?

The word, “Pashmina” has its origin in the Persian wordPashm’ which means wool. However, over many centuries, Pashmina wool has come to be known as a special kind of soft wool that is produced from the hair of the high altitude mountain goats living in the Himalayas. The wool is mostly hand spun and woven in Nepal and Kashmir in the Indian subcontinent. It is also known as cashmere (variant spelling of Kashmir). Pashmina is also understood to mean the end product i.e. scarf, shawl, wrap, stole or throw produced from the said wool. Cold temperature prevalent in the area is the primary factor of the warm fine grade pashmina or cashmere shawl that is thin, light in weight, soft to touch and magnificent to look at. 

Zayn-ul-Abidin, the 15th century ruler of Kashmir, is known to be the founder of the wool industry. He introduced weavers from Central Asia to Nepal and Kashmir in the Indian subcontinent.

Napolean's Wife 

Napoleon is likely to have started the craze when he presented a pashmina shawl to his wife. Aristocrat women of the 18th century court in France and St. Petersburg were enchanted by the regal feel and warmth of the pashmina wrap.

Women's Accesory

Pashmina shawl or scarf is a must-have for fashionable women. Soft, comfy and cozy, yet light in weight, it distinguishes you from the rest in all seasons and events, and lasts for years.  


Three-ply Indian cashmere pashmina comprises 100% pure cashmere wool. It bears a magnificent look and has an enviable feel of soft touch. Nepalese silk pashmina is also three-ply and has a blend of 30% silk. It has a gentle sheen and shine. Enjoy the summer evenings in one-ply ring pashmina from NepalIt can pass through the wedding ring. Our, one of its kind, specials are men's pashmina, jacquard, ombre and reversible.  


You will buy real pashmina from us and not a fake one. Feedbacks since beginning and reviews received recently on Trustpilot bear testimony to our quality and service.

 "I've been a customer for almost 20 years, and always come back to Spencer's to purchase for myself or get presents. They offer a quality product at a price I can actually afford. I'm glad I found Spencer's years ago. Elleen OBrien, Litchfield, NH, US". 

Many of our returning customers from all over the world buy one each matching the color of their dresses. Pashmina Shawl is a souvenir  for corporate and non-corporate events which includes wedding pashmina for the bridesmaids.  

Coloring Material

We use environment friendly coloring material. 

Exclusively from Us

Send us the picture or the color swatch. We will dye your pashmina in custom colors. Buy one with or without tassels                                          

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