Accessorize with Spencer’s Pashmina not with any other Fabric!

Pashmina shawl, scarf, wrap, stole or throw is a must-have women's fashion accessory. It distinguishes you from the rest in all seasons, occasions and events. Selling online since 2001, our pashminas have found place in the wardrobes of elegant women.

Pashmina wool of our cashmere, ring and silk pashmina is obtained from the hair of the high altitude Himalayan pashmina goats. The former two bear a luxurious look and have a feel of soft and gentle touch. The last one has a nice sheen and shine. All of these are deliciously comfy, soft, light and warm.

Choices Offered Exclusively by Us

If none of the listed colors is to your liking, send us the picture or the color swatch and we will dye your pashmina in custom colors. You also have the choice to buy one with or without tassels. Send us the text and we will embroider your name on it.


Buying from us assures that you buy real pashmina and not a fake one. Choose one for your good-self from the above menu, add to cart and checkout. Avail 15% discount on buying more than one product (Coupon Code SPMP15).

Environment Friendly Coloring Material

We use environment friendly coloring material in our color dyeing set up. 


Feedback from our customers from all over the world bears testimony to our claims. We have recently partnered with online review community Trustpilot for online reviews.

 I've been a customer for almost 20 years, and always come back to Spencer's to purchase for myself or get presents. They offer a quality product at a price I can actually afford. I'm glad I found Spencer's years ago. Elleen OBrien, Litchfield, NH, US. 

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