Size Chart-Spencer's Pashmina (2001)

Size Chart

Sizes and Suitability

We offer pashminas in the following sizes:

Scarves: 12”x 60” and 18”x 72”

Stoles: 22”x 80” and Wrap: 28”x 80”

Shawls: 36”x 80”, 40”x 80” and Large Shawl: 45"x 90"

Throw: 50”x 100"

Pashmina scarves and stoles are better suited for casual wear. Pashmina wraps are suitable for both casual and party wear. Pashmina shawls are suitable for formal and party wear. If you are short in height and are petite, we recommend that you choose a wrap. If you are of medium height and built, we recommend a pashmina shawl. If you are tall, we recommend that you opt for a large shawl. Throw is again for casual wear, long travel and for the tall, obese and pregnant women. With less width, the wrap has less fall and spread than the pashmina shawl.