Pashmina Washing Instructions

Pashminas are delicate and these need to be duly taken care of so that they last longer. When not in use, these should be appropriately wrapped and placed in the wardrobe on a hanger. We recommend that when required to wash, it should neither be machine washed nor hand washed. The best and the safest way to wash it is to get it dry cleaned. However, if the same is not considered feasible for one reason or the other, it should be hand washed in warm water using a non-bleach washing detergent. After washing, it should not be wrung or twisted. Instead it should be widely spread over a string or drying rack. Once dry, iron it. The iron temperature should be fixed as for woolen clothes. If it has some stubborn stains on it, please treat it prior to dry cleaning. While ironing, please see to it that the tassels are not ironed once these are over or under the pashmina as this will result in tassel marks on the wrap.