Pashmina Silk Shawl-Spencer's Pashmina (2001)
pashmina silk shawl yellow.
pashmina silk shawl beige.
pashmina silk shawl black.
pashmina silk shawl brown.
pashmina silk shawl electric blue.
pashmina silk shawl green.
pashmina silk shawl grey.
pashmina silk shawl orange.
pashmina silk shawl pink.
pashmina silk shawl red.
pashmina silk shawl royal blue.
Pashmina Silk Shawl
pashmina silk shawl turquoise.
Pashmina silk shawl vanilla.
pashmina silk shawl violet.
send color of your choice to custom dye.
post the swatch for custom dye.

Pashmina Silk Shawl

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You will look impressive

You will look impressive with our three-ply silk pashmina shawl, be it a casual wear or a formal one. It is soft and warm, yet light in weight. You will feel cozy during cool/cold evenings. The shawl has a blend of 70% pure pashmina wool and 30% good quality silk which gives it a gentle sheen and shine.


Origin: Nepal;
Make: Handmade, Three-ply;
Size: 36"x 80" i.e. 90 cm x 200 cm;   
Weight: 8.5 to 9.0 oz. i.e. 240 to 255 g; 
Suitable: Casual or semi-formal/party wear;
Popular colors: Black, Charcoal, Earth Red, Light Grey, Mango, Navy Blue.


With or without tassels;
Custom color.

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