Silk Pashmina

What is Silk Blend Pashmina?

Silk pashmina, also known as silk blend pashmina is made from the pashmina wool and synthetic silk. The usual composition of 70% pashmina 30% silk. Another variation used is 80% pashmina 20% silk. Silk adds extra shine to the fall and the spread of the pashmina scarf. Silk pashmina is more tightly knit and its weave is less visible than that of cashmere and shamina. Whereas the scarf pashmina is a little heavier than the pure cashmere pashmina and shamina pashmina shawl, the latter two are softer and warmer than the former. Silk pashmina shawls are a good substitute for the cashmere and shamina scarves for the ones who are a bit tight on their budget. Some sellers offer these scarves with the composition of 50% pashmina 50% silk. These scarves give more of a silky look than the gentle, graceful and elegant look, touch and feel of the ones having less content of silk. Silk blend has more shine and shimmer than cashmere and shamina.


We obtain our silk blend products from well reputed sources in Nepal.


These are three ply. We offer silk blend in all available sizes. We have scarves in two sizes i.e. 12"x 60" and 18"x 72". The size of the stole is 22"x 80". Wrap is of the size 28"x 80" and the shawl has the dimensions of 36"x 80". All of these are supported by three to three and a half inch tassels.


Shorter in width, the fall and spread of the scarves and stoles is negligible. Thus, scarves and stole are well suited for casual wear only. Width of wrap and shawl is more. Thus, both wrap and, more so, shawl are suitable for both formal and party wear. Silk pashmina shawl and wrap are a well sought after women accessory during the weddings. The would be brides and the bridesmaids love to wear these during the weddings. The use is so common that the phrases like wedding pashmina shawl and bridesmaid pashmina or bridal pashmina have come into use. We custom dye these for you to exactly match your dresses. If you like a bit more of shine and shimmer, are the right choice for you. And, these are cheaper too than cashmere and shamina.

Choice of Colors

You can select the color of your choice from about three to four dozen colors listed by us for each product. If none of these colors is to your liking, you can choose the color from over five dozen custom colors. If you are very particular about the color shades and you need to match the color with any of your dresses, please send us the picture of the color of your choice via email or refer to us the URL and we will do the needful. Whereas we try our best to match the color closest to the one chosen by you, the difference of monitor screen and reflection of light leaves minor variation in the color shade. Thus, the best way to match a color is to do so by matching it with a sample or swatch. Since we have our own dyeing arrangements, we will custom dye your pashmina shawls matching exactly with the color sample/swatch. This is a unique offer only made by us. All you need to do is to contact us to obtain the mailing address for sending us the color sample or swatch by post.

With or Without Tassels

The silk pashmina scarves come with about three to three and a half inch long tassels at both ends. Some of the women like to wear the scarves with tassels and others like to wear these without tassels. We offer to you the choice of getting your shawl pashmina with tassels or without the tassels. This, too, is a unique facility offered exclusively by us. Please note that if you order your pashmina without tassels, the length would be reduced by seven to eight inches.

Embroidery of Name

We also offer our worthy customers the choice to have their name embroidered on the scarves. You can have your name embroidered or that of your near and dear ones to whom you want to gift the shawl. The embroidery is done on one of the four corners of the scarf little above of the tassels. We can also embroider any logo or monogram. This will, particularly, be very useful if you want to present these to staff of any organization. We happen to doing so for a number of organizations.


We ship our products the world over. Standard shipping is free and it takes fourteen days to deliver. Express shipping offer is restricted to countries in North America only for nominal charges. Delivery time is five days. Orders received over the weekend will be prepared and shipped after the weekend.

Care Instructions

If you take proper care of your silk pashmina shawls, these will lost longer. Please do not make rough use like spreading it over ground and using it as a bed-sheet or mat of the sort. Similarly, please don't use it while undertaking excessive physical activity as the sweat may leave permanent stains. Walking or jogging through an area with overhanging tree branches or thorns may cause the pashmina to get stuck with these resulting in minor tears or holes. After every use, you should fold the pashmina and put it on hanger in your wardrobe. Do not leave it loosely as it would spoil the iron and develop unwanted wrinkles. Once required to wash, it is better that you have it dry-cleaned. You can hand wash it too with some precautions. Do not use the washing powder with excessive bleach content. Hand wash it in lukewarm warm water. Gently rub the shawl surfaces with one another ensuring that the entire surface gets due share of the rub. Do not twist it after wash for quick drying. Just spread it over a string or drying rack. Iron it just like you iron the woolen clothes. It will be better if place a thin cloth over the shawl while ironing.  Similarly, if your washing machine has a function to wash delicate clothes, you can machine wash it too.