Silk Pashmina Shawl | Scarf-Spencer's Pashmina (2001)

Silk Blend Pashmina

Move about with elegance

Buy three ply silk pashmina scarf, shawl or wrap, and move about with elegance. A bit slippery to touch and feel, light in weight, it has a sheen and shine of its own. Look gorgeous and remain cozy and comfortable. Buy from us the real pashmina silk. Reviews from our customers from across the globe bear testimony to the quality of our products.

“My name is Henry of Diago, have placed orders before, and always been satisfied. Thanks once again.” Enrique de Diego, Spain

What is silk pashmina?

Silk pashmina fabric comprises 70% pashmina and 30% silk. Synthesis of silk and pashmina makes the fabric more integrated and well-knit. It is simply magnificent. Nobody makes it better than the artisans of Nepal.

Sizes and suitability

There are five sizes in this category. A pashmina silk scarf is the shortest in width and length that is suitable for casual wear by the short and medium height women. Large silk pashmina scarf or stole is better suited for casual wear by the tall and well-built. All three look elegant once worn in college or workplace or while visiting the shopping mall or near and dear ones. You can enjoy the luxury of silk pashmina wrap while attending semi-formal or festive functions. Silk pashmina shawl is the ultimate luxury that looks magnificent during formal and ceremonious functions. 

Buy one from us and you will come again and again to complete your wardrobe.  

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