Discounts on Your Pashmina

Accessorize with Spencer's Pashmina, not just any piece of fabric...

Multiple Purchase Discount
We offer special discount of 10 to 20% to our worthy customers on minimum (min) purchase of US $ 100.00 or more as per details given below. Enter the relevant coupon code in the order form at checkout to avail the discount:

Min Purchase Discount Coupon
100.00 10% SP10
150.00 15% SP15
200.00 20% SP20

The above discounts are applicable only if the entire order is to be shipped to one shipping address. If the pashminas are required to be shipped to different shipping addresses, the discount will be processed by us treating number of pashminas to be shipped to each shipping address as a separate order.

Returning Customer Discount
We offer 10% discount to our worthy returning customers on all of the subsequent purchases made by them within three months of their earlier purchase. The subject discount will be applied by us and the discount amount will be refunded.

Student Discount
Get a student discount of 10%! To avail this, simply place the order of minimum sales price of US $ 70.00 with the email ID of your educational institution. The Coupon Code to avail this discount is SD10.

Please note that only one coupon code can be availed at one time and that these discounts are available for shipping the pashminas to one shipping address.