Taylor Swift’s Romance

Taylor Swift’s Romance

Taylor Swift Romance

Love at first sight is a screenwriter-invented fiction. This is what Hollywood has been brainwashing the people to believe in. This fiction leads to many an estranged relationships. However, apparently, there is no rational to find Swift and Kelce embracing after the big game.

Swift has struggled in love for most of her career. She appears to be well aware of it which is evident from naming her upcoming album as “The Tortured Department”. Although as a teenager, Swift sang about white horses and marriage proposals, she having reached her thirties, looks to be doubtful if she wants to marry someone. It is not possible to truly find out about the nature of relationship between Swift and Kelce, but her fans consider Kelce to be the perfect man for her, the one worthy of her. He is the one who really appreciates her.

Although Swift is mostly fond of playing underdog, she invariably winds up on top. Whichever way this romance ultimately leads to, one should not blindly find lessons in the story of others, particularly billionaires. In fact the life stories of all of us differ from one another with different good or bad end results. There are speculations that Swift and Kelce were going to be engaged soon. However, one positive ending may not necessarily keep on going as good and successful ride. Reaching good end of a phase causes one to daydream about the next phase. The expectations may become further higher than the reality on ground. This, particularly, applies to the celebrities. The hullaballoo surrounding them has its own pressures with plenty of misinformation and disinformation flying around many times faster than the truth. Life does not become static on reaching a happy ending at a particular stage. It doesn’t freeze. A climax with no further bliss may have an anticlimax with unexpected problems. These problems are often caused by the whispers by not so relevant people and the media. Copyright: SLATE.

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