Pashmina without Tassels

Pashmina w/o Tassels

Pashmina without Tassels

Pashmina scarf, wrap, stole or shawl is a popular women’s fashion accessory. Worn over or across the shoulders in several ways, it looks impressive and makes you look gorgeous. Usually pashminas come with tassels. Some of the women like to wear the pashmina with tassels. But there are others who do not like the tassels. In their opinion, pashmina shawl without tassels has a grace of its own. The tassels hanging at both ends do not look good and are distracting. Also, the hanging tassels are loose and, at times, get stuck with conical objects. Few, in fact no store whether brick and mortar store or online store, offer the customization affording the opportunity to the buyer to obtain the shawl without tassels. Removing the tassels from the shawls doesn’t mean using a pair of scissors and cutting the shawl from the base of the tassels. This spoils the shawl and it gives ugly look. Not only that, the loose threads at both ends become a source of nuisance as some of these loosen up, get extended in length and the user must pull or cut these individual long threads to prevent the ugly looks.

Removing tassels requires craftmanship and workmanship which is seldom available to the sellers. We at Spencer’s Pashmina have the facility to offer the shawl without tassels. The tassels are removed such that the loose threads of a length of about one quarter of an inch are integrated and are visible at both ends in a way that they do not get extended and detached to become a source of nuisance or inconvenience. If you want to buy pashmina scarf, stole, wrap or a shawl and want to wear it without tassels, buy one from us. We have been selling pashmina online since 1999 and are among the pioneers in this field.

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