Pashmina gift for her

Pashmina-Gift for Her


Pashmina gift for herPashmina scarf, wrap, stole or shawl are one of the good options to gift to one’s near and dear ones among friends and family. These are handy to be used during all seasons and all occasions both as formal wear or party wear. You can gift these to your peers, bosses, mother, sisters, girlfriend or fiancé or common law relationship. By virtue of its spread, pashmina is worn over or across the shoulders. The gift shows up. Unlike all other women’s fashion accessories which are, by and large, small in size, the pashmina once worn immediately draws the attention of others not only from near distance but also from farther away on the first sight.  Wedding pashmina are becoming more and more popular these days. You can gift these to the bride or even the bridesmaids. All bridesmaids putting on same color pashmina matching their dresses with the bride wearing different color matching her dress become center of attraction for all and it adds a typical grace to the occasion. Pashmina is also a good souvenir to be presented during corporate functions. It can be gifted to the outgoing staff as a token of remembrance. These can also be gifted to the corporate staff to celebrate corporate successes or annual functions.

Spencer’s Pashmina offer customization so as to personalize the pashmina to be gifted. You can select a color of your choice other than the listed colors by sending a color picture. If you need pashmina to precisely match the color of your dress, you can send the color sample or swatch by post and the needful will be done. This color matching eliminates the difference in the color shade due to different monitor settings and the reflection of the monitor. Pashminas normally come with tassels. If you want to gift pashmina to someone who likes to wear it without tassels, the same too is done at nominal extra charges. Another customization which exclusively personalizes the pashmina is to have the name of the recipient embroidered on one of the corners of the pashmina. Owing to the durability of the pashmina spread over years, the pashmina with the name embroidered turns out to be a memorable gift which will cause the recipient to remember you every time it is worn by her. Yet another customization is to prepare the pashmina in the dimensions of the choice of the recipient. Through this customization, you can gift the pashmina in the shape of a square, triangle or parallelogram. All gifts are gift wrapped. You can also opt to send a handwritten greeting card. We will manually write the text of your choice on the greeting card. This will certainly give a personal touch to the gift.

Choosing a gift for your near and dear ones can become difficult and mind boggling. Pashmina is a priceless gift which is an easy selection too. It will invariably invite appreciation. Current Holiday season and the coming Christmas and New Year’s Eve are the right occasions to gift a pashmina shawl to the women among your near and ones and a men’s pashmina scarf among the men. 

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