Pashmina-Custom Dye Colors

Pashmina-Custom Dye Colors

Cashmere pashmina scarf, wrap or shawl is an indispensable women’s fashion accessory. Worn in several ways over or across the shoulders, it adds to the grace and looks of a woman. There are many websites selling pashmina online offering it in many colors. However, choosing the right color by itself has always been a difficult proposition for the women. Buying a pashmina matching the dress becomes more difficult as there is hardly any website which offers pashmina in custom color to match the dress. We are one of the few, if any, websites which offers custom dye option to its worthy customers. Pashminas in each variety and size has several colors listed on the site as is the case with all other websites. If the color of your choice is not among the colors listed on the product page, we offer to you three options to get the pashmina in the color of your choice. The first one is Custom Colors, the second one is Match My Picture and the third one is Color Sample/Swatch.

In Custom Colors, we have more than five dozen colors of which you can select the color of your choice. In Match My Color option, you can send us the picture of your favorite color or even send us the URL of the color required by you.

Whether you select one of the listed colors or one from the Custom Colors or send us the picture or URL, the color matching can’t be exact and accurate due to the difference in monitor settings and reflection of light at both ends. There will invariably be some difference (though slight) in the color shade perceived or expected by you and the one physically received. This difference in the color shade may not be to your liking or it may not match the dress for which you are buying the pashmina. This shortcoming can only be offset if you send to us the color sample or swatch by post. It may take additional week or two in delivery of pashmina to you, but it will be worth the wait. It implies that if you need the pashmina for some function/event, you need to place your order keeping in mind the time lag of additional two weeks. On receipt of your order, we will send you the instructions for sending the color sample or swatch. The color matching in this case will be exact and accurate.

The difference in color shade has worked fine with most of our worthy customers. However, if you are concerned about the accuracy of the color shade, please order the pashmina in advance and send to us the color sample or swatch.

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