Fashion Accessory

Fashion Accessory


A fashion accessory supplements an individual's dress. Whereas a person can move around without accessories, you will hardly find anyone moving about without one, particularly the women lot. Women like to be focus of attention. Accessories enable them to express themselves and fulfils their desire to look unique, different (better) from/than others. Use of the term accessory, as related to dress, started in the 20th century.

Fashion accessories are either worn or carried. Purses, handbags, hand fans, umbrellas are carried. Boots, shoes, jackets, hats, ties, belts, muffs, gloves, bracelets, necklaces, watches, muffs, belts, gloves, socks, pins, rings, stockings, shawls and scarves, and some other similar items are worn. However, it is debatable if all the aforementioned items and the likes fall in the category of accessory. One ought to wear some sort of footwear, put on something over the normal dress to protect oneself against the cold weather. Thus, the jacket or the like becomes a necessity and not a supplement. Shawls and scarves are another example. These can be worn to supplement one's dress but are also indispensable if one has to move about in the open during the chilly evenings.

The type of accessory depends on a number of factors. More importantly, the occasion i.e. where one is going, the time of the day i.e. morning, noon, or the evening, and the weather. One dresses up differently for drinks or dinner, shopping, work place, festive events and so on. Perhaps, the most important factor or consideration which overrides the wearer's mind is to express oneself better than others, particularly, during important events like weddings, concerts, festive functions, corporate events, convocations and so on. Cashmere shawls are the indispensable accessory for all such occasions. These make the wearer look gorgeous, stylish and magnificent. These are all encompassing adding grace to the wearer truly expressing one's personality.  


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