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Silk and Cashmere Pashminas-Over a Dozen Varieties, All Sizes
Selling online since 2000 custom dyed cashmere pashmina shawl, pashmina scarf, stole and throw, with or w/o tassels. Have your name embroidered. We specialize in bridal pashmina. Free Shipping. Money back Warranty. Origin: India, Nepal

What is pashmina? The word 'Pashmina' (پشمینه) comes from the Persian word 'Pashm' which means wool. Over many centuries, it has universally come to be known as a special kind of wool obtained from the outer skin of the goats living in the high altitudes of the Himalayas bordering Nepal and Indian Kashmir in South Asia. These pashmina shawls and pashmina wraps are hand-spun in Indian Kashmir, and, are known as pashmina cashmere or cashmere pashmina or only cashmere. These are deliciously comfy, soft, light and very warm, and, are destined to be a heir loom.

Why Choose Spencer's?
- We do not compromise on quality and confidently observe money-back warranty.
- We have enjoyed an online presence for over a decade and a half.
- We offer over a dozen varieties, eight sizes and 300 colors.
- We offer the custom dye option in any color.
- You have the choice to get the wrap pashmina with or without tassels.
- You can have your name embroidered on your pashmina shawl.
- You can have it gift wrapped with a handwritten greeting message.
- We specialize in wedding pashmina shawls and pashmina wrap s and pashmina scarf.
- We offer free shipping the world over.
- We offer competitive prices.

Unparalleled Quality at Customer Service
We do not compromise on quality by lowering our prices. The testimonials we continue to receive bear testimony to the good quality of our products and our customer service.

Diverse Customer Base
Our customer base is spread the world over in all continents, specially in USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and Newzealand.

The varieties and types of pashmina scarf are considered from the point of view of quality or color/design or the size.

Based on the quality we offer the following four varieties.
Cashmere (three ply pure cashmere fiber hand-spun in India)
Pashmina Silk (three ply 70/80% pure pashmina fiber and 30/20% Silk, hand-spun in Nepal)
Pure Cashmere Shamina (three ply superior quality 100% pure pashmina fiber hand-spun in India)
Ring (one ply 100 % pure pashmina fiber hand-spun in Nepal)

Comparison of the Qualities
The important characteristics of pure pashmina wrap are its warmth, softness, weight, feel of the touch and the looks. Shamina is the lightest, warmest and the softest. It has the best of the feel and touch and it has the best of gentle looks. The next in order of priority is cashmere pashmina. The difference between the two is the quality of fiber. The third in priority is silk pashmina wrap. Ring pashmina is as soft as shamina and has the same good looks and is gentle to feel. As it is one ply, it is the lightest of all four and the least warm of all four. Pure cashmere and shamina wrap are better suited for party and formal wear. The other two are better suited for casual wear. We specialize in wedding, bridal pashmina shawls and pashmina wraps.

The sizes offered by us are:
Scarf: S and L 12"x 60", 18"x 72"
Stole: 22"x 80"
Wrap: 28"x 80"
Shawl: 36"x 80", 40"x 80"
Shawl L: 45"x 90"
Throw: 50"x 100"

Size Selection
Pashmina scarves and stole are better suited for casual wear. Pashmina shawl and wrap are suitable for formal and party wear. If you are short in height and are petite, we recommend that you choose wrap. If you are medium height and built, we recommend shawl. Cashmere throw blanket is again for casual wear, long travel and for the pregnant women. Wraps with less width have less of fall and spread than the ones in more width i.e. shawl and shawl large.

Custom Dye
We offer scarf pashmina and wraps in about three dozen colors. You can get custom dyed wrap in any of the three hundred colors given in the four Color Charts.

Wholesale and Wedding
We offer special discounts to our worthy customers who buy wholesale for resale or pashminas for wedding.

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