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Custom color-jacquard pashmina shawl

Cashmere Pashmina Shawl Jacquard

Regular price $111.00


Size: 45"x 90" (112.5 cm x 225 cm)

Fiber: Superior quality of 100 % pure cashmere pashmina

Weave: Jacquard. Wears a self print with a gentle glowing look.

Thickness: Three ply

Net Weight: 8.04 to 8.39 oz. (225 to 235 gm)

Tassels: 3 to 3.5 inches (7.5 to 8.75 cm)

Country of Origin: India


Free Standard Shipping: Fourteen days.

Express Shipping: Five days (only for North America): US $ 5.00 per item.

Color Selection

If you want your pashmina to be in a color other than the ones listed here, select the color as custom dye, add to cart and checkout. While checking out, please indicate that you are sending us the color via another email or want to send the color sample or swatch to us by post. In the latter case, we will send you the mailing address. You may also like to select the color from web safe Custom Colors . In this case, please select the color, add to cart and checkout. You will find that no amount is charged for the custom color because it has already been charged earlier once you selected custom dye as your color choice.

Embroidery of Name, Gift Wrapping, Custom Size and Insurance

If you want to have your name embroidered on the pashmina or you want it to be gift wrapped or you want it to be insured, please visit our page of Customizations before checking out.

  Product Customization

Offered Exclusively by Us


Select any of the following options from the Drop Down menu titled as Color:
  1. Custom Color. Opt for Custom Color, add to cart, make your color choice on Custom Colors, add to cart and check out.
  2. Match My Picture. Opt for Match My Picture, add to cart and check out. Send us the URL or the picture of the color of your choice via email. 
  3. Color Sample/Swatch. For most accurate color matching, opt for Color Sample/Swatch, add to cart and check out. We will send you the instructions for sending us the color sample/swatch by post. Shipping time will increase by ten to fifteen days.   


This option is available on the product pages as one of the drop-down menus.

Embroidery of Name, Logo, Monogram or Symbol 

Select the color of your choice, add to cart. To have your name embroidered, pay Customization Charges and check out. Please indicate the name to be embroidered in the box "Add a note to your order" while checking out. The shipping time will increase by two days.


Select the color of your choice, add to cart, To have your pashmina prepared in a different size, pay Customization Charges and check out. You can opt for a triangular, squarish, parallelogram or any other shape/size, and, check out. Please enter the dimensions required by you in the block "Add a note to your order" while checking out.

Gift Wrapping and Greeting Card

Select the color of your choice, add to cart. To have your pashmina gift wrapped along with a handwritten greetings card pay Customization Charges and, check out. Please enter the contents of the greeting message in the block "Add a note to your order" while checking out.