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You should first add to cart the pashmina of your choice on any of the product pages as per your choice. Having added pashmina product(s) to the cart, please select the customization(s) required by you on this page, add to cart and check out.

Custom Colors

We offer a number of options to our worthy customers to select the color of their choice. Firstly, you can pick up a color from the ones listed on our site. These are our regular colors. If none of the colors listed on the product page are to your liking, opt for Custom Dye from Dropdown menu of Color, Add to Cart, make your color selection from among the Custom Colors and checkout. If none of the color from among Custom Colors is to your liking, select Match My Color from Dropdown menu of Color on the page of Custom Colors and checkout. You cans send us the scanned picture bearing the color of your choice. The other options to search for the color on Google Images and send its URL. If you are very particular about the color matching and you may be desiring to match the color of pashmina with your dress, you can send us the color sample or color swatch by post and we will custom dye your pashmina matching the same. In this case opt for Color Sample/Swatch in the dropdown menu of Color and checkout. On receipt of your order, we will send you the mailing address for sending us the color sample or swatch by post.


You have the choice to order your pashmina with or without tassels. This option is available on the product pages as one of the dropdown menu.

Embroidery of Name, Logo, Monogram or Symbol

We offer to embroider your name, logo, monogram or symbol on your pashmina. Unless specified by you, the embroidery will be undertaken in Arial font 36 in the same color as that of pashmina. Having opted for embroidery of name, please enter the instructions including the name to be embroidered by clicking on "Add a note to your order" on the bottom left while checking out. If you miss to send us the name, we will get back to you to obtain the same. The extra charges for embroidery of name are US $ 10.00 per pashmina. Charges for embroidery of logo, monogram or symbol will vary on case to case basis. The shipping time will increase by two days.

Gift Wrapping and Greeting Card 

If you want your pashmina to be gift wrapped, we will do the needful for a nominal charge of US $ 5.00 per item. Also, if you want a handwritten greeting card to be shipped along with the pashmina, we will arrange a suitable greeting card and enter the greeting message by hand.  Having opted for gift wrap and greeting card, please enter the contents of the greeting message by clicking on "Add a note to your order" on the bottom left while checking out. If you miss to send us the message, we will obtain it from you.

Custom Size

If you want your cashmere scarf or any other pashmina in a size other than the standard ones offered by us, we are here to do the needful for you. Some of our customers wish to have their cashmere shawl in a squarish shape and we are here to oblige. You should add a note to your order on the bottom left while checking out indicating the size required by you. Please note that the custom size pashmina scarf will be without tassels. Thus, you should place an order for the pashmina without tassels on the product page and make payment of US $ 5.00 per pashmina for the custom size as miscellaneous charges.


I you want your pashmina to be insured during shipping, you can also do that by paying nominal charge of US $ 5.00 per pashmina as miscellaneous charges and add a note that effect while checking out.

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