cashmere wrap dark orange title picture
cashmere wrap aquamarine
cashmere wrap bisque
black pashmina wrap
blue pashmina wrap
cashmere wrap blue violet
cashmere wrap chartreuse
cashmere wrap chocolate
Cashmere Wrap aka Pashmina Wrap
Cashmere Wrap aka Pashmina Wrap
cashmere wrap dark orange
cashmere wrap dark turquoise
cashmere wrap deep sky blue
cashmere wrap dim grey
cashmere wrap fire brick
cashmere wrap forest green
cashmere wrap golden rod
gold pashmina wrap
grey pashmina wrap
cashmere wrap hot pink
cashmere wrap indian red
cashmere wrap indigo
cashmere wrap light salmon
cashmere wrap lime green
cashmere wrap medium orchid
cashmere wrap medium purple
cashmere wrap navy
cashmere wrap orange red
Cashmere Wrap aka Pashmina Wrap
cashmere wrap orchid
cashmere wrap pale golden rod
cashmere wrap pale violet red
cashmere wrap powder blue
red pashmina wrap
cashmere wrap sienna
cashmere wrap sky blue
Cashmere Wrap aka Pashmina Wrap
cashmere wrap tan
cashmere wrap thistle
cashmere wrap turquoise
white pashmina wrap
cashmere wrap yellow green
cashmere wrap yellow
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Cashmere Wrap aka Pashmina Wrap

Regular price $80.00


Size: 28"x 80" (70 cm x 200 cm)

Fiber: 100% pure cashmere pashmina 

Thickness: Three ply

Net Weight: 4.5 to 5.0 oz. (130 to 140 gm)

Tassels: 3.0 to 3.5 inches (7.50 to 8.75 cm). You can also opt for the wrap without tassels while placing your order.

Origin: India. The wrap is called both as cashmere wrap as well as pashmina wrap. Cashmere is the changed name of Kashmir, part of the Indian subcontinent, the region where it is produced, and, pashmina as it is the name of the fiber obtained from hair of the high altitude mountain goats.


The wrap is suitable more for casual wear than the formal or party wear owing to its less spread because of shorter width than cashmere shawl. It is more suitable for petite women with short or medium height.


Free Standard Shipping: Fourteen days.

Express Shipping: Five days (only for North America): US $ 5.00 per pashmina

Custom Color

Select custom dye, add to cart and make your selection from Custom Colors

Embroidery, Gift Wrapping, Custom Size and Insurance

If you want to have your name embroidered on the pashmina or you want it to be gift wrapped or have your pashmina in custom size or you want it to be insured, please visit our page of Customizations before checking out.

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