Spencer's Pashmina Pure Shawl | Wrap | Throw-Handmade-(2001)

Pure Pashmina

Carry yourself with style

Buy the best of pashmina cashmere shawl, wrap, or throw produced from 100% pure cashmere wool. Spread it over your shoulders and drape it across the arms. It is gently soft to touch and feel, light in weight, and pretty warm to keep you cozy in winters. You will look fashionable and feel wonderful. Buy from us. We sell real pashmina and not a fake. Indulge yourself in the luxury of a must-have women’s fashion accessory.

"great price and unsurpassed quality. have purchased from them for several years, never a problem." Michael Arrington, TX. 


Cashmere pashmina shawl is the most popular of our products which will carry the day for you during formal and festive functions, ceremonies and occasions. Pashmina wrap will complete your casual outfit. Our throw, will keep you cozy and relaxed during pregnancy and travel.

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