Cashmere Shawl | Wrap | Throw-Spencer's Pashmina (2001)


Carry yourself with style

Indulge yourself in the luxury of a must-have women’s fashion accessory. Buy the best of pashmina cashmere shawl, wrap, or throw. Spread it over your shoulders and drape it across the arms. It is gently soft to touch and feel, light in weight, and pretty warm to keep you cozy in winters. You will look fashionable and feel wonderful. Buy from us. A large number of testimonials from across the globe vouch for that. We sell real pashmina and not a fake. 

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What is cashmere pashmina?

Cashmere is a fabric that is handmade from the pashmina wool obtained from the outer hair of the high altitude Himalayan mountain goats. Stylish and elegant in looks, it is ultra-comfortable to wear. The words "cashmere", "pashmina" and "cashmere pashmina" are used interchangeably. Our cashmere pashmina products are produced in India and comprise 100% cashmere pashmina. 


Cashmere pashmina shawl is the most popular of our products which will carry the day for you during formal and festive functions, ceremonies and occasions. The shawl is also well sought after as bridal pashmina, both by the brides and the bridesmaids. Pashmina wrap will complete your casual outfit. The shawl and the wrap are good souvenirs for both corporate and non-corporate events and are also a very good gift for her. If you are tall, well-built, or obese, a large cashmere pashmina shawl will suit you better. Our throw, also known as a throw blanket, will keep you cozy and relaxed during pregnancy and travel. 

Complete your wardrobe

Buy from us once, and you will get back to complete your wardrobe buying one each matching the color of your dresses. A large number of our returning customers do so. These will last with you for years to come. 


Exclusively from us, you can get your pashmina in custom color. Send us the picture via email or the color swatch by post and we will prepare your pashmina matching the same. Also, you have the choice to buy one with or without tassels.

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A Few Reviews

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