Pashmina Shawl-Handmade-Spencer's Pashmina (2001)
Turquoise pashmina shawl.
cashmere shawl beige.
Black pashmina shawl.
cashmere shawl brown.
cashmere shawl green.
Electric Blue pashmina shawl.
cashmere shawl grey.
cashmere shawl maroon.
cashmere shawl orange.
cashmere shawl pink.
cashmere shawl red.
Pashmina Shawl
cashmere shawl spring green.
cashmere shawl turquoise.
cashmere shawl vanilla.
cashmere shawl violet.
cashmere shawl yellow.
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Pashmina Shawl

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Pashmina for Special Occasions

Who doesn't want to look gorgeous, particularly, on special occasions, like family get togethers, birthdays, Christmas and Thanksgiving parties, weddings, corporate functions, convocations etc.! You would look magnificent in our cashmere pashmina shawls which are soft, comfy and cozy, yet light in weight. Complete your wardrobe. Buy one each pashmina cashmere shawl to match your dresses and move about with style. 


Repeat customer

We have purchased several shawls. All of them have been wonderful. The last two were for my mom (she's 91) and she just loves them. The colors were just what she wanted and they are so soft and warm. I have recently recommended your shawls to two different ladies who were planning to travel internationally. Your shawls are fabulous and I use mine almost daily.  Marilyn Call


Produced in India, our 3 x ply pashmina cashmere shawl is 40 inches wide and 80 inches long which include 3 inch long tassels at either end. It comprises authentic 100% pure pashmina wool. The regular shawl weighs about as little as 8 oz. The large cashmere pashmina shawl is 45 inches wide and 95 inches long including tassels. It weighs about half an ounce more than the regular shawl.

The shawl has more width than a pashmina wrap, and has more spread. It is shorter both in length and width than a pashmina throw. If you are tall, well-built, obese or pregnant, we recommend that you opt for a large pashmina shawl.   

Color of Your Choice

Popular colors: Black, Electric Blue, Dark Green, Light Grey, and Turquoise.

If the color of your choice is not listed, please send us the picture of the same and we will do the needful.

Please note that the color shade of the pashmina shawl chosen by you may not exactly match with the one delivered to you. It is so because of the reflection of monitor screen and the resolution thereof. 

If you want to accurately match the color of your pashmina shawl with your dress, please send us the color swatch by post and we will oblige. 

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