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Keeping in mind one’s ability to afford, every bride wants to put on the best of the dresses and the best of fashion accessories. Pashmina shawl is getting popular among the brides and the bridesmaids as a must have fashion accessory. In fact, it’s no longer considered as an accessory but very much a part of the wedding dress. The fall and spread of the wedding pashmina not only adds grace to the gait and the brides look elegant. As the fashion has it, pashmina wrap is also worn by the bridesmaids. These pashmina wraps are called bridesmaid pashmina.  Pashmina wrap is an affordable wedding gift, pretty large in size, the one which one can presented to the bridesmaids. All the bridesmaids putting on the pashmina wraps in the same color look a distinct group which readily becomes focus of attention among the wedding audience. The color of the pashmina wrap can also be in contrast to the color of the dress. The bride wears the pashmina wrap matching the color of the dress and thus, the bride and the bridesmaids make a group at the center stage.

Besides the quality of the pashmina wrap, its color is equally important. All colors have various shades and it is seldom possible that a pashmina wrap ordered by selecting a color shade online will match the dress to its perfection. The reflection of the monitor, different monitor settings and the angle at which the user is viewing come in the way of selection of the color accurately matching the dress. Even if the there is a minor difference between the color shades of the dress and the pashmina wrap, it will spoil the show. One solution is to opt for a color contrast. In this case the variation in color shade will be acceptable as the exact matching of the color is not required. But, then, what about the color of the pashmina wrap to be worn by the bride. In this case the color contrast of the dress and the pashmina wrap does not work. Color of the pashmina wrap should be the same as that of the dress. Spencer’s Pashmina offer a unique customization. You send them a color sample or a color swatch by post and they will custom dye your pashmina wrap(s) exactly matching the color sample or the color swatch. However, sending a color sample or a color swatch by post is going to take an extra week or two. So, it will be wise that you don’t defer the ordering of the pashmina wrap(s) until the last moment. The day you take the final decision about the color and style of the wedding dress and that of the dresses of the bridesmaids, you should place the order for the pashmina wrap(s) the same day. This will on one hand save you time but it will also on the other hand enable you to obtain a color swatch from the unstitched cloth for sending it to Spencer’s Pashmina by post. There are cases where the brides or the bridesmaids defer the selection of the pashmina wrap until the last moment with dresses duly stitched and then they are left with no color swatch to be sent by mail. In some cases, we receive only a couple of centimeters of thread detached from the stitched dress asking us to match the color shade of the pashmina wrap with the thread. We are able to do that too to the satisfaction of our customers but we prefer that a couple of square inches of the unstitched cloth is sent to us. With accurate and exact color matching, it is certainly better to have the same color pashmina wraps both for the bride and the bridesmaids and also have the pashmina wraps matching the dress color shade rather than opting for the contrast color shade.  

Pashmina scarf, wrap or shawl are certainly one of the best fashion accessory for the brides or the bridesmaid

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