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It’s time of Summer Vacation. A time which most of the school going children and even the college going students look forward to having a break from work. Parents too plan their break such that they are able to have a break at the time of vacation of their children. Some families choose to spend their vacation or a part thereof by going to some nearby place of their interest. There are others who go to far off places within USA. Yet there are others who even plan to go abroad to other countries which in most cases are in Europe. However, there are some families who choose to go to other countries the world over. The interests of different families are different too. Some families prefer to spend their vacation at a place where they can enjoy the weather and relax. There are others who prefer to go to places of historical importance like archaeological sites. Some families are more interested in going to places with different ethnic origins. Invariably, there is a small group of families who tailor their visit to meet the research requirements of their children. All this also depends to a large extent on one’s ability to afford the trip.

Depending upon the destination, the distance involved, period of stay, the weather conditions during transit and the mode of travel, the families undertake the packing of their belongings to be taken along for the visit. Unless, the family wants to camp, most of the belonging comprise of the clothing and its accessories. Whereas generally, the boys and the men are content with carrying jeans and a few shirts, it’s a million dollar question for the women as to what to carry and what not to carry. The dress worn by women during travel usually does not remain in good condition to be continued to be worn on reaching the destination or to be worn later. The original creases of the dress do not remain in shape and a number of wrinkles are formed during the travel which give a very shabby look. It’s better to put on an ordinary working dress during travel keeping in mind the comfort as the foremost consideration rather than opting to have fashion as the number one consideration. Pashmina scarf, wrap or a shawl or a throw is a fashion accessory which is pretty handy in such like conditions. This is a unique fashion accessory which is of great use to the fashion conscious women not only during travel but also while roaming around at the destination which includes shopping and partying. Pashmina wrap by and large remains wrinkle free under all circumstances i.e. during travel as well as roaming around. Its length and spread enables you to cover yourself totally during travel, particularly, once you want to have undisturbed nap or happen to be feeling a bit cold. You can just wrap the pashmina shawl around your entire body and relax. Similarly, you can spread pashmina shawl across your shoulders in a number of ways while roaming around and you will look graceful. For tall and the women with heavy built, we recommend that you carry along a throw instead of a shawl. However, a caution is recommended. Please don’t spread the shawl or throw on the ground and sit over it as a substitute of the ordinary cloth sheet.  A couple of cashmere pashmina shawl or throw are recommended to be included in the list of the items.

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