Embroidery of Name

Our store is the only one which offers embroidery of your name on the pashmina, and, that too, at nominal charges. This customization gives an individual and personal touch to your pashmina. Not only do we embroider your name on pashmina, but we also embroider logo or monogram. We charge US $ 10.00 per pashmina for the embroidery of name. If you want to get any logo or monogram embroidered, please send us the sample of the same either by email or by post and we will let you know the charges for the same. Embroidery of name is particularly very useful when you want to present pashmina to any of your near and dear ones. Similarly, embroidery of name on bridesmaid pashmina will make the event memorable for times to come. Normally, the embroidery of name is done in Arial font size 36 in the same color as that of pashmina. However, on customer's demand, we can embroider the name in any font type, size and color. Some customers opt to get the name embroidered in contrast color to that of the color of the pashmina.

Embroidery of name is a very popular customization and a large number of customers avail this unique customization.

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