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Custom Dye

Customer: I would like to order a custom dyed large ring pashmina shawl. 
The color I am looking for can be found on this link and the # is 666699. It is a mix of your steel blue, and navy (which has purple, at least on computer screen) It's that muted blue, steel, purple blend that I am looking for. Do you think you can do
this? I've ordered from you a number of times before and really appreciate your
products and service!

Spencer's Pashmina: It's always nice hearing from a returning customer. We will, surely,
be able to custom dye ring pashmina shawl in the color indicated by you. We
don't see purple blend in the color. It's more of blue and steel. If it is possible please
send us by post a color sample or swatch so that we can undertake exact color match?

However, if it is not possible for you to send us the color sample or swatch, we will be able to custom dye matching the color indicated by you.

Customer: Unfortunately I don’t have sample or swatch. What I’m looking for might be described as a muted indigo. Not as bright as indigo. Perhaps a mix between your indigo and steel blue. So, it looks like the computer pic, but with bit of purple. My sense is to give this to your people who do the dying, and let them do their best. Is next step for you to send me the sales receipt so I can place order with this custom request?

Spencer's Pashmina: Please place your order. Visit , select Custom Dye in the color menu, add to cart, visit, add to cart and check out.

Customer: Thanks. This is exactly what I wanted. Thanks once again.

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