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Customer: Could you please explain the procedure for this custom dye option.  Do I order and then send a swatch or send the whole order by mail?  Is it possible to explain a color without a swatch.  I want a shawl in a color like old brass.  I ordered an amber one but it seems a bit bright and I think the chestnut will be too camel colored.  I want a a deeper shade like the chestnut color, but more golden.  

Spencer's Pashmina: Thanks for your kind response by placing your order with us. If you want your pashminas to be prepared as per the swatches, please mail
the same to us. We will disregard the colors ordered by you in your order and in stead ship to you the pashminas duly dyed as per your color swatches.

Customer: Thank you for your timely response.  Please fulfill the order with no changes.  When I wish to order a custom dyed one I will send it as a separate order.  Most of the ones we ordered are for gifts so it will be good to have them ship now.  

The shawls arrived last week from my order. I kept 3 and I have returned 4 to be exchanged for custom dyed shawls. I included swatches with the returned shawls. I wrote instructions for dyeing but I am including them with this email also. 2 should be dyed like the red swatch, 1 like the gold swatch and 1 like the olive green swatch. Could you please email when the shawls arrive to you so I will know they are safely returned.  Thank you so much for your attention to this exchange and for your fine product. 

Spencer's Pashmina: We have shipped the pashmina shawls duly custom dyed matching with the swatches sent by you.

Customer: The shawls arrived today.  They are so beautiful, and the colors are perfect.  Thank you so much!  

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