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Cashmere scarf normally comes with tassels. Scarf with tassels looks fanciful and adds a flair to the wearing of the scarf and its looks. However, there are a number of customers who prefer to have a scarf without tassels. Spencer's Pashmina is the only store which offers its worthy customers a choice to buy their scarf either with tassels or without tassels.

There are a number of reasons for the women to opt for one choice or the other. Cashmere scarf by itself is a fashion accessory. With tassels, it looks more fashionable which is to the liking of some and not to some others. When the wind blows, the tassels swing around in all directions inter mingling with each other. This movement of tassels adds flair to the looks of cashmere scarf. However, some ladies do not like it as at times, the tassels can get stuck with any of the sharp things nearby like corners of the furniture, thorns in the open etc. Tassels may get stuck with the hair or the hair pins. At times, some of the knots of the tassels are loosel tied. These loose tassel knots get untied and give a bad look. This normally happens once you buy the cashmere scarf from a bad source who are not mindful of quality control. Notwithstanding the same these tassel knots can be easily put right and tied. However, to some women it looks bothersome. Cashmere scarves in some colors and their shades look better with tassels than without tassels and vice versa. Cashmere shawl from a bad source may even have a different color shade than that of the shawl which, of course, looks rather ugly.

Once the tassels are removed from the cashmere or silk pashmina, about half an inch length of loose threads are left open. The removal of the tassels is undertaken before dyeing. On dyeing, loose threads mesh into each other and cease to be loose. Ring pashmina scarf is an exception. It being two ply and too thin, we do not offer customization of providing the scarf without tassels. Once the tassels of ring pashmina are removed, the loose threads of the scarf start peeling away from the scarf and this process does not stop.

All said and done, ultimately, it is the choice of the woman to opt for a cashmere shawl with or without tassels. You will get one with tassels from most of the stores selling cashmere scarves. However, if you like to buy one without tassels, Spencer's Pashmina is looking forward to receiving an order from you as it is the only store which offers cashmere shawl and scarf both with or without tassels. We will ship you the scarf without tassels for a nominal customization charges of US $ 5.00 per scarf.

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