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Cashmere Pashmina

Cashmere Pashmina

Three ply pure cashmere pashmina shawl, wrap and throw
Get your three ply, cashmere pashmina with or w/o tassels custom dyed in any color. Have your name embroidered. Wedding pashmina. Free Shipping. Money-back Warranty. Produced in Indian Kashmir.

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Name Size Regular Price Sale Price
Wrap 28"x 80" US $ 100.00 US $ 70.00
Shawl 40"x 80" US $ 115.00 US $ 80.00
Shawl L 45"x 90" US $ 140.00 US $ 100.00
Throw 50"x 100" US $ 180.00 US $ 125.00

These pure cashmere pashmina are also called as 100% pashmina or pashmina cashmere or kashmir pashmina or indian pashmina as these are produced in Indian part of Kashmir which is also known as Cashmere. The pashminas comprise 100% pure pashmina cashmere fiber. The shawl pashmina fiber is collected from the skin of the goats living in high altitudes of the Himalayan region on the frontiers of India and Nepal in the Indian subcontinent in South Asia. The wrap pashmina fiber is hand-spun. We offer to you three ply cashmere pashminas produced in India as opposed to silk pashmina which is produced in Nepal.

The cashmere pashmina shawl is best suited for the party and formal wear. Our pashmina scarves are a good choice as wedding pashminas by the would be brides and the bridesmaid. The recommended sizes are pashmina wrap 28"x 80" for the women with shorter height and the ones not desiring to have a bigger spread/fall. Our pashmina shawls 40"x 80" and pashmina shawls large 45"x 90" are suitable for the ones with medium or more height respectively and the ones desiring to have bigger spread/fall. The cashmere pashmina shawl is more in width by four inches than the pashmina silk shawl. The latter measures 36"x 80".

Choosing the Colors
We offer a number of options to our worthy customers to choose the color for their scarves pashmina. Firstly, you can pick up a color from about two and a half dozen pictures. These are our regular colors. Secondly, you can select the color from one of the three hundred colors on the four color charts. Make a note of the color code so as to select it on the Dropdown menu of the order form. Thirdly, you can send us a picture via email and we will custom dye your scarf pashmina matching the color of the picture. And lastly, you can send us the color sample or color swatch by post and we will custom dye your pashmina matching the same. In this case, you should opt for, "Send instructions for mailing color sample/swatch" on the Dropdown menu titled Color Codes for Custom Dye.

With or W/O Tassels
Our pashminas are supported by three to three and a half inch long tassels at both ends. You may like to wear the pashmina wraps, shawls or throw blanket with tassels or without tassels. We offer the pashmina without tassels at a nominal charge of US $5.00 per wrap. Please note that the length of the wrap, shawl will be shortened by seven to eight inches once the tassels are removed. The delivery of the pashmina scarf, in this case, will be delayed by one day.

Embroidery of Name
You can have your name embroidered on one of the corners at the bottom at nominal charges of US 10.00 per pashmina wrap or shawl. The embroidery is undertaken in Arial style font 36 with white thread. However, if you want to use a different colored thread, style or font, we will try our best to do the needful. Please let us know about the same via email. In this case, the delivery of the wrap, shawl will be delayed by two days.

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